Record lovers love the Record and CD Fair

2014-10-26 11.43.31

Vinyl’s not dead, and Sam Norton can prove it with the help of record fans from around the Northeast.

20 Watts’ Go-To Guide for Artists: Establishing a LOYAL Fan Base In 5 Easy Steps


Whether you’re an emerging artist, manager, or simply a music enthusiast, check out these simple yet effective tools.

Review: American Beauty/American Psycho is a crazy beautiful album


Fall Out Boy’s latest effort sounds like the old stuff we know and love. But then sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s good too.

The Mountain Goats: Power chords and professional wrestling


The Mountain Goats to drop new album April 7th, tour to accompany release.

Fall Out Boy drops new single, brings new hope


Joey Cosco really wants to tell you why he loves Fall Out Boy so much. Also they have a new song.

OK Go Didn’t Let Us Down


OK Go has the music video game down, and their new vid proves they’ve still got it

Cloud Nothings

cloud nothings

Pop-punk outfit Cloud Nothings showed the Lost Horizon how to make something out of nothing.

It’s 2014. You Should Know These Artists.


You may or may not be living under a rock if you don’t know these emerging artists by now.

University Union’s Bandersnatch Concert Series Presents: Trippy Turtle & GoldLink


“The Man. The Myth. The Turtle. Educating kids on throwback RnB since 2013.”

Damn Son: Talented Teens

luke tennyson

These three teens are bright and early killing the music game