From playing shows at the run down Practice Space on Midler Avenue to opening for Touche Amore at The Lost Horizon, it’s safe to say Black Throat Wind has come a long way. On April 20th (Coincidence? I think not.), these Syracuse locals took their band to the next level with the release of their debut LP Between White Worlds.

The quintet seem a bit more refined on the album than they do at live performances, but that’s not to say they’ve lost sight of their sound. More likely, it should probably be taken as a representation of the direction the band would like to take themselves. Yes, they’re band is known for having a fairly heavy punk aesthetic, but they’ve never made any attempts to act tougher than they are. In fact, Black Throat Wind just performed a free acoustic set at Broadway Café’s Night of Sounds this past Thursday with Summer Cult and Cat Names – two of the most poppy/folk-oriented bands in the area.

Black Throat Wind seem to have taken Between White Worlds as an opportunity to finalize their developing sound, the sound that has help them amass quite a cult following. Three tracks have made their way to the Interwebz so far: “Dirty Mouth,” “Sunwalk,” and the long-released “II.” On “Sunwalk,” in particular, Trevor Grant’s youthfully honest vocals offer a nice accompaniment to the airy electric guitar solos of Jonathan Sorber and the interesting time keeping patters of drummer Ian MacNeil. The best comparison to be made actually comes from two of the band’s own self-admitted biggest influences: Torche meets Bright Eyes.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open over the next few days, because the band plans on announcing their record release show very soon! Hopefully, for the sake of any students reading, it will be sooner rather than later – before the pilgrimage back home.