The inventory of small record stores across the country just got a lot more impressive. On April 21st, Record Store Day coordinated the release of exclusive content from over one hundred recording artists in over a thousand independent record stores. Record Store Day comes on the third Saturday of April each year and since the first in 2007 it has taken off and is now celebrated by music lovers all over the globe.

This isn’t just some hipster, indie music celebration. Artist from an array of music genres create content for this event. Whether it’s new vinyl of old Janis Joplin songs or one of the tracks off of Florence + The Machine’s newest and wildly popular album Ceremonials, there’s content for every music lover.

What makes Record Day so special is the thrill of getting the physical copies of this exclusive content and the limited number of each piece. Tegan and Sara released only 300 copies of their song “Get Along” while many others such as Coldplay’s release of “Up With the Birds” only had 1,000 copies available.

Record Store Day is all about the culture. Not only are you getting exclusive content in vinyl form but you’re getting a music experience. Many locations have tons of other materials available for purchase, on-site art displays, band meet and greets and even performances.

It’s a great thing for the record stores and music lovers alike. Record Store Day is doing something to keep independent record stores alive while creating a great experience for people who really love music. It’s a pretty awesome concept at its very core, people all over the nation, and even all over the globe, getting excited about music at the same time while saving a struggling player that used to be the industry’s very foundation.

Check out the list of releases from this years Record Store Day at their website.