How many times have you heard a cover on YouTube that you would happily buy on iTunes and keep on repeat for the rest of the day? ‘Tis one of the many beauties of YouTube. Carrie Manolakos has one of those covers.

Performing Radiohead’s “Creep”, this Syracuse local was featured in The New Yorker’s Culture Desk. Although the original is described by writer Andrea DenHoed as “not a song that you want appearing on your Facebook/Spotify feed without a knowing comment to diffuse it,” the cover helps you remember why it was a huge hit after its release in the early 90s.

The New Yorker wrote, “Manolakos’s version does what covers ought to do; it picks up a song that has sunken into throwback territory, dusts it off, and treats it like a classic.”

I couldn’t help but be in awe after listening to her belt the popular lyrics that are embedded in my brain regardless of the fact that I haven’t heard the song in ten years. Her voice is so powerful, and yet, it’s gentle enough to possess the pain in the lyrics describing the woes of a divided outsider.

Doing covers is a way for new artists to get noticed, but when an artist does a cover like this, it benefits everyone. Radiohead’s song is being unearthed from that stack of old cds in the closet, Manolakos’s name is being put in a new mind with every new view, and music lovers like myself get to relish in the beauty of a talented artist performing a familiar tune.


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