I keep a running list of bands and artists that I absolutely need to see before I die, and I got to cross the Red Hot Chili Peppers off that list last night.

It was everything I expected it to be. Stellar vocals, seemingly impossible bass solos, and the same contagious energy that I’ve seen in any RHCP performance. A shirtless Anthony Kiedis jumped around next to band members Flea, Chad Smith, and newest member Josh Klinghoffer, rocking to all the favorites and the occasional newer song from I’m With You.

The band played at the Prudential Center on Friday, May 4, as well, and dedicated both performances to late Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch. Every seat at The Rock was filled, and the crowd sang together like some 20,000 person choir. It’s those moments at concerts that make you look around and say, “I’m so happy I bought this ticket.”

To my utter satisfaction, they played “Suck My Kiss” which is my all-time favorite RHCP song. They also played…

1. Monarchy

2. Dani California

3. Scar Tissue

4. Can’t Stop

5. She’s Only 18

6. Look Around

7. Blood Sugar Sex Magik

8. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie

9. Right On Time

10. Universally Speaking

11. Suck My Kiss

12. Under The Bridge

13. Factory Of Faith

14. Californication

15. By The Way


16. Around The World

17. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

18. Give It Away

19. Final Jam Sesh

Every song was just as good as the last. Sometimes during concerts the band doesn’t play enough of what you know, or too many songs you’ve already heard at their last performance, but this a good balance between the sing along classics I knew and the few I didn’t.

Also, Jersey native Alexis Krauss of the alternative indie rock band Sleigh Bells opened for RHCP, which was awesome. Not a type of music I normally listen to, their set was more entertaining and fun than I had initially anticipated. There’s nothing better than when an opening band rocks a great show just like a headliner would.

When a band comes around that’s on your bucket list of must-sees, fucking do it. I drove four and a half hours home from Syracuse to see this concert, just to turn around the next day and drive back four a half hours for a final. And it was worth every penny, every second, every mile traveled. Because to hear those songs I’ve grown up listening to my entire life performed by the musicians I’ve only dreamed of seeing, it makes me that much more of a music lover (is that even possible?) It is.


-Annie Licata, EIC