Florence + the Machine has been a constant, shadowy, smoky figure in the spotlight since her sophomore album Ceremonials launched last fall. Now this red haired starlet is at it again. Florence Welch has become quite the icon in the music industry but now it seems that her unique, mystical sound has caught the ears of the movie industry too. Yesterday, Florence released a music video for Breath of Life. This song, officially released at the end of April, is the premiere track for the upcoming movie Snow White & The Huntsman. Yet another brilliant showcase of Florence’s talents, this time Florence turned up the intensity with a hint of something different. The loud drumming, along with the melody and her voice, preps you for battle and puts you into a trance all at once. Doesn’t make sense? Check it out and see for yourself:



And on a completely unrelated side note, I snagged tickets to Florence’s September 16th show in Saratoga Springs, NY. Besides being excited out of my mind, I’m already planning on writing quite a lengthy post about the to-be stunning performance. That is if I don’t go into a state of comatose afterwards. I tend to get a little star-struck after concerts like that.