If you search YOLO on UrbanDictionary.com, one of the multiple definitions is as follows, “You Obviously Lack Originality,” followed by “Some chicks Facebook status: YOLO.”

The parodies of the acronym come from exploitation and exaggeration of the true definition, “You Only Live Once,” as made popular by rapper Drake in his song, “The Motto.” With lyrics like “the pimpin’ ice cold/ all these bitches wanna chill,” Drake raps about the superstar lives rappers lead.

In the hook of the song, Drake proclaims YOLO as he and his crew’s motto.

“Just got signed with Weezy #YOLO” *
“I’m hood, but from upper middle class Canada #YOLO” *
“Just shot the scene where I rapped in my wheelchair and Ashley got pissed! #YOLO”*

You get the point.

Whereas YOLO might have started out as a cool, even fun, thing to say, the overuse of the hashtag on Twitter has quickly spawned judgment. A few months ago, #YOLO might have been linked to tweets that actually made sense with “You Only Live Once,” but now, the tag deems pretty condescending.

Here’s some of the latest #YOLO tweets circulating on Twitter:

“Just found out what #yolo means. And it’s not “You Obviously Love Oreos.”” –@coateslibrary
“I can count all my friends within my one hand.. seriously. YOLO lmao!” –@thatcoolkideli
“YOLO is highly offensive to Buddhists and Cats.” – @technicallyron

Whichever way you choose to use it (if at all), just remember that Zac Efron recently made the term white boy cool by tattooing YOLO on his right hand.  But hey, no regrets, right? #YOLO.

*not actual tweets by Drake

Brittany Leitner