In a recent interview with CNN, rapper and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z publically announced his support for same-sex marriage which stems from his support for President Barack Obama. Although Jay-Z admits to having little knowledge of Republican president contender, Mitt Romney, he claims Obama’s statement on same-sex marriage was a smart political move. The rapper also said that not allowing gay marriage was “discrimination plain and simple.”

In a brilliant move, Hova compared political rhetoric to the hook of a rap song, possibly in an effort to connect his younger fans with politics.

“It’s almost like the hook of a song. Like I would go in a studio and say, I have this huge hook,” he said. “At the end of [the rhetoric] there’s real people.”

 With the upcoming 2012 presidential election in November, the rapper is choosing the perfect time to speak out. Read the entire article on CNN.


Brittany Leitner