Aer‘s connections to the Syracuse University campus just keep getting more deeply rooted over time. Their performance at this past Friday’s Mayfest marked their second show on campus in two consecutive years, their manager is a university student, and they even filmed the music video for “The Reach” here on campus… although they ultimately decided not to make it public. (The video can be found online easily enough, but I’ll go ahead and respect their decision not to share it. If you want to find it, a quick Google search should do the trick.)

Just like with “The Reach,” the hip-hop duo also filmed the video for “What You Need,” the debut single off the EP of the same name, here on campus with Exodus Productions. Except this time, they actually released the video, marking today as the release date of their first official music video. Yay! It’s only been online for a few hours, and it’s already attracted over a thousand hits. Give it a look!

Tom Charles