When you tell your friends about the band, Why? you must have patience. Yes their band name is in the form of a question. No they aren’t called Why With a Question Mark.

Then there’s the task of placing them in a genre. Indie rock? Soft rap? Indie rock rap with a great utilization of piano? The great thing about Why? front man Yoni Wolf is that he makes it impossible to slap a label on his brainchild.

Why? dropped their last album, Eskimo Snow in 2009, which was widely criticized for straying from the bands hip-hoppy roots. Why?’s latest EP, Sod in the Seed will feature six new tracks and will be followed by a full length album this fall.

The title track, “Sod in the Seed” is available for listen here.

The band will also be kicking of an American and European tour this summer, making a stop at Ithaca, NY on September 11 and in Brooklyn, NY on September 13. Take advantage of the snow-less roads and and travel from the ‘Cuse for a mini “school just started” vacation.

Why? would you be anywhere else?


Brittany Leitner