Pitchfork’s People’s List of of the Best Music (1996-2011)

OK, well maybe not the best “ever,” but at least from 1996-2011, here at Pitchfork’s new album-pick tool. It’s kind of baffling that they haven’t done something like this before, to be honest, but perhaps the tech just wasn’t there in their back-end before their redesign last year. In any case, this ¬†provides a pretty fun/grueling distraction from your otherwise sad, NSFW-Tumblr’ing, music-blog commenting, concert-scanning workday.

In my professional music-blogging experience, rather than undergoing the horrific task of determining the finest albums under the sun among the thousands in Pitchfork’s lifetime database (or possibly millions that they don’t have the wherewithal to find, catalogue, and eviscerate), take a more personal tack with it. I did it 10 at a time:

  • the 10 faves, in both quality and personal experience (your desert-island cuts)
  • the 10 you know are probably among the best ever made, but not in your tops
  • the 10 you admire for one musical quality you hold dear:¬†production, lyrics, talent, etc.
  • the 10 you hold dear for emotional reasons, but not enough for your desert island
  • Why 40? It’s 20 but double the fun.
It’ll obviously skew your results to your own personal preferences, but since it’s a music list, embrace your inner subjectivity.

What records made your list?

Via Pitchfork

— Eric Vilas-Boas