By Tara Schoenborn

Christina Aguilera is back, and she isn’t messing around. On Sept. 14, Aguilera released her new single, “Your Body” off her upcoming album Lotus, which is due to be released Nov. 13. Following classic Aguilera style, the song is upbeat and catchy, making it well-suited for the dance floor. However, the unique thing about this song is its lyrics. Aguilera claims Lotus is all about “personal freedom,” so the song is a nice preview of what freedom means to her.

In the song, Aguilera basically goes to a bar, wants a one-night stand, and says outright, “I want to fuck your body” to some hot guy. Get it, Christina! Can you say, “cocky bitch?” While I am the last to claim that Aguilera is some type of musical genius, these bold, sexy, attention-grabbing lyrics will be a club anthem for months. Also, Aguilera has cut back on the backup vocals and focuses solely on her lyrics and own vocals, which is an improvement from her last album, Bionic, because it really showcases her talent.

In this song, Aguilera makes it clear she’s here to stay, and there’s no way in hell anyone is going to tell her what to do or how to do it. Heck, she’s Christina Aguilera.