Baio - The Silent / New You

Ever since his collaborations with Matias Aguayo (one half of the production duo Closer Musik) on “Tanto,” Vampire Weekend’s bassist Chris Baio has been very open about his love for Germany’s most seminal EDM record label, Kompakt. This weekend, after releasing a free two-track EP, it seems imitation is the highest form of flattery for America’s underground dance messiah. As had been the case with his debut release, Sunburn, “The Silent” and “New You” both differ from his recent sample-heavy half hour-plus long commissions in that they explore the sonics of silence. With only a handful of different textures overlapping at any given time, Baio fits perfectly with his minimal techno spirit family over at Kompakt.

Hopefully we’ll get a few more sweet treats like this to hold us over in the remaining time until Vampire Weekend drops their long-awaited third album, which, according to Ezra, is near completion. (They debuted a new song in July during their short string of live shows.)


Baio – The Silent / New You by Greco-Roman

– Tom Charles