By Tom Charles
Asst. managing editor

Lady Gaga kills the game. Be it fashion, cinematography, or technology, Her Gaganess is constantly stretching the limits of pop culture. Lately – with the release of ARTPOP, her third studio album, drawing nearer – the Queen of Pop has been taking her wily innovations to a whole new level. There’s been a lot to keep up with, so we boiled it down to four essentials to keep you in the loop:

1. Lady Gaga fucks with trap…

And she does it well. The song came about after DJ White Shadow, Gaga’s producer, posted a track on Twitter and asked his fans to create a remixed edit about Lady Gaga. He promised to share the best submission, but when the winner mysteriously asked not to be revealed, suspicions mounted. It wasn’t until one curious little monster decided to pitch the track up that the Odd Future-esque vocals sounded uncannily like Gaga’s herself! A sneaky trick, no doubt, but frankly, our hats are off: this banger makes Waka Flocka seem about as hard as Owl City.


[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


Modulated up (sounds more like Gaga again):

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]


2. Her life is one big art project.

All in one night, Lady Gaga publicly peed in a champagne pail, was felt up while sleeping by her adoring fans, had the back of her scalp tattooed, and premiered a five-minute short film – all while on display in a perfume-shaped exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. (It’s called art). The masquerade-themed showcase was scheduled in promotion of her new fragrance, appropriately named FAME.

3. This one’s for the pAPParazzi.

A strong affinity for bizarre outfits won’t be the only thing Lady Gaga and Björk have in common for much longer. Following in the footsteps of the Icelandic songwriter, Gaga revealed on her website that ARTPOP will be released as a fully interactive app, “the most major way to immerse yourself.” According to Gaga, the app will include “chats, films for every song, extra music, content, gaga-inspired games, fashion updates, magazines and more still in the works.” The “and more” frightens us.

4. She’s been recording ARTPOP entirely nude.

Yup. Stark-ass nude. It helps her sing better…or something. We like to let our brains wander. Meat dresses be damned!

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  • Brittany Leitner

    What about her new body peace act!?!?

  • Ben Aaron

    that first song is my ringtone

    • Tom Charles

      @BenAaron: Good choice. It’s dirty.

  • Annie Licata

    dude. this trap song is so fucking dope. Lady Gaga breaks down the barriers of genre, and we need more artist to take risks like that.