By Tara Schoenborn

Eliza Doolittle

The refreshing Eliza Doolittle, 24, is poised to break into the American mainstream. Photo from her website.

On September 7, emerging British artist Eliza Sophie Caird — better known to British pop fans as Eliza Doolittle — released the first single, “Don’t Call it Love,” featuring Kwes, from her upcoming sophomore album. If we aren’t supposed to call it love, how else are we to describe how incredibly awesome this new song is? The low bass in combination with the high-pitched synthesizers and Doolittle’s upbeat vocals create the perfect pop song—with a dark twist, similar to Lily Allen.  However, unlike Allen, Doolittle has a lot more soul and vibrancy in her songs that create potential for a different sound.

All of Doolittle’s lyrics reflect her fun and spunky personality. She is honest and tells it like it is: “Don’t call it love when it’s really life.” Doolittle, the girl who claims to love everything from pizza to Polaroid cameras, is a firm believer in being true to herself and doing what makes her happy. She expresses this not only in her music , but also in the way she dresses and how she carries herself. She is going to be who she is no matter what other people say.

In today’s music industry, it is refreshing for a pop artist like Doolittle to do her own thing while so many others get sucked into the lure of the Top 40 and wind up creating music that all sounds the same. Doolittle has an awesome pop sound, but also possesses something that sets her apart:  her spunky and soulful voice. With the upcoming release of this album, it is only a matter of time before Miss Doolittle hits the U.S. charts.