By Ellie Wilkinson

Even when they’re rockin’ out in front of a screaming sea of fans, Mumford & Sons still manage to keep it real.

The English folk-rock band just released a brand-new video for “I Will Wait,” the chart-topping single on their upcoming album, Babel. Most of the footage comes from an Aug. 28 concert at the majestic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, and the video features the band playing in front of an enormous crowd that completely fills up the large outdoor theater.

Several times during the video, the camera pans across the crowd, allowing the viewer to appreciate just how large — and fired-up — the audience is about the performance. The theater’s stage lights swing over rows of people clapping, swaying, and pumping their fists in the air.

Unfazed by the crowd’s shrieks or the epic performance space, Mumford & Sons pour themselves into the song with passion and energy. Winston “Country” Marshall’s banjo sets the toe-tapping rhythm that leads into the song’s first lines, which are sung with sincerity by frontman Marcus Mumford. Ben Lovett bangs his bandana’d head as he pounds the keyboard, and Ted Dwane hoists his string bass above his head before he begins strumming. The band rocks out so much during the song’s main chorus and the musical interlude near the end that it’s difficult to tell who’s having more fun—the audience or Mumford & Sons.

It’s a performance that illustrates the band’s ability to match the epic surroundings yet still retain an intimate relationship with the audience, a talent that has in part led to its success on tour.

In fact, Mumford & Sons has said that they enjoy performing so much that they dragged their feet on the way to the studio to record their new album, Babel.

“At first, we peeled ourselves off the road quite reluctantly. We love playing live, obviously, but it had also become an important part of our creative process,” the band said in a press release for Babel. “But then we fell in love with recording again . . . As a band, we’ve never been closer or more collaborative, all working to our strengths.”

Mumford & Sons has already played several new songs to lucky audiences at concerts on their summer tours, including “Lover’s Eyes” and “Ghosts That We Knew.” The band’s sophomore album will be released on September 24.

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