By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

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Although New York Fashion Week is like fashion’s first day of school, it has launched the careers of many musicians including Grimes and Natalia Kills. This year, the grunge rock quartet The Indecent was thrust into the spotlight.
The Indecent sound as if Nirvana was reincarnated into a 2012 buzzband with a punchy female lead. A surprisingly lucid YouTube comment on the band’s song “25 Steps” claims that lead singer, Emily Bout, “sound[s] like the lovechild [Nirvana’s] Kurt Cobain and [The Runaways’] Cherie Currie never had but should have.” If you’re looking for rad new music with a hint of 90s punk nostalgia, look no further. Listen below to the band’s latest hit from their freshly released EP, Control, and download the track for free courtesy of Nylon Magazine.