By Delaney Arias

CD shelves in the United States received Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club’s new record, Beacon, on Sept. 4. The album has has since made it to the 17 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200 and to 4th place on Australia’s Albums Chart.  The album was recorded in Los Angeles, CA and is the band’s follow-up to their debut, Tourist History, and, quality-wise, it might surpass the bands first effort.

Beacon starts with a few upbeat tracks and takes you on a mellow road as it ends. “Next Year” and “Someday” have to be the album’s most lively tracks. With catchy lyrics and pumped up music,they’ll have you dancing and bobbing your head. Two Door Cinema Club decides to stick with its synth, sort of psychedelic sound from Tourist History.  “Spring” is packed with fast-paced guitar riffs, a bit of drums in the background, and lead singer Alex Trimble’s smooth voice to top it off.  The album’s mood changes after “Sleep Alone,” the album’s hit single. “Sleep Alone” is another catchy, electro track that begins with loud drum beats and some soothing guitar and quickly goes into the fun, upbeat Two Door we know and love. It ends with “Beacon,” which cleans up with a steady beat and smooth sounding lyrics.

Compared to Tourist History, the band has progressed into a dance-pop, electro-punk band. Beacon opens doors (maybe two of them?) for the band, allowing its audience to grow. The album has made a good impression with newcomers and has attracted a wide range of music listeners. Some of the band’s older followers have expressed disappointment with the new record, complaining that it wasn’t similar enough to Tourist History, maybe that’s why it’s such a great record.