By Tom Charles
Asst. managing editor

In preparation for Borgore’s performance at The Westcott Theater on Monday, Oct. 8, 20 Watts’ own Tom Charles caught up with the Israeli “gorestep” producer to shoot the shit. The former death-metal-drummer-turned-burgeoning-EDM-sensation commented on everything from Miley Cyrus to the things he does while taking a shit.

20 Watts: Have you ever played in Syracuse before?

Borgore: I think we have been there, yes. I’m pretty sure we parked the bus in the worst place ever to park. Every time you opened the door of the bus someone almost died because it was in the middle of the road on a busy day.

20W: Out of all the places you’ve played, what crowd is the rowdiest?

B: I think, to be honest, it’s not in the States, but we played a show in Zürich [Switzerland] in September and I swear to God I could have played Whitney Huston and these guys were moshing, you know? They were just on it; they were just rowdy. I think the whole center of Europe is like that. In America, I don’t want to discriminate against anyone, but I feel like the West Coast is going more hectic than anyone.

20W: What about colleges? Which college goes hardest?

B: With all the colleges we’ve played at, they weren’t as rowdy. I don’t know why. Colleges seemed more calmed down. Let’s just say it’s easier to party with strippers than to party when you need to wake up for an exam tomorrow.

20W: Well, you’ve definitely got quite a reputation for bringing the party.

B: A lot of times I go onstage and I see the crowd and I can not believe it. I just wonder, “How did it come to this point? How am I playing to such a big, responsive crowd?” The festivals in America this year for myself, I had such a great, great experience. You know, Electric Forest, Electric Daisy Carnival in New York and Vegas, Coachella, Ultra: there was always such a fucking amazing response. And it’s not just once. It’s every time you go on stage. It’s always like, “What the fuck is happening?”

20W: I actually saw your performance at EDC New York this year, so I can attest to that. The crowd response really is incredible. What does it feel like to be on the opposite end of that? I imagine you see a lot of stories unfolding as you look at everyone having fun.

B: I never look at the crowd. Never, ever. I think that if I were to look at the crowd and the crowd wasn’t having any fun, it would just ruin my set. So I always go on the stage and think to myself, “Man, they’re having a good time.” I’ll tell you what, you go on stage and for the first five or ten minutes you’re stressed as fuck, and then you’re drunk enough and you let up.

20W: You recently collaborated with Miley Cyrus on “Decisions”. She just revealed that she’s the female vocalist via Twitter a couple weeks ago. How did that collaboration come about?

B: I was bugging my management telling them that I wanted to work with her because I thought it would be interesting. And then finally she was like, “Yeah, cool, let’s do this. I love your music!” And we just shot the video like two weeks ago. It’s coming out next week, from what I know. Working with her in the studio was fun, and working with her on the video was incredible, man. She’s just full-on quality. She’s a good time.

20W: Apparently she makes out with Liam Hemsworth in a unicorn costume in the video? What other kinds of crazy shit can we expect to see?

B: The video has goats, unicorns, midgets, two really tall shemales, and a chick with bigger tits than basketballs. There’s a lot of different things going on.

20W: Did you come up with the concept to this madness?

B: To be honest with you, all this crazy shit that was in the video was actually brought in. It’s a place called Beacher’s Madhouse in L.A. in Brooksville, and twice a week they have this weird show full of weird stuff. We asked the players if we could shoot there and they were like “Yeah, definitely.” They helped us a lot. They gave us the place, gave us their comments. But yeah, the whole video is weird as fuck.

20W: That sounds like a fun group of people to get really drunk with. They can probably show you a good time.

B: Yeah, I was around them the whole time we were shooting the video, but we finished shooting it at 6:30 in the morning. When I finished, there was no one there and I had to catch a flight out to the other side of the country to play a show.

20W: I feel like that’s just another day in the life of Borgore: staying up through the night then catching a flight.

B: I never sleep. Period. Never, ever.

20W: Does that bother you?

B: I mean, I’ll probably die younger than I was supposed to.

20W: Are you ok with that?

B: Uh, yes. I better have good times while I’m alive, right?

20W: Definitely. I have the same attitude. But where do you even find the time to write new tracks between all the crazy, hectic shit going on in your life?

B: I need to shower and go to the bathroom, right? So every time I’m in the bathroom I write lyrics.

Borgore released his newest EP, #TurnUp in early September, and is currently working on his debut album.

  • Dee Lockett

    “I mean, I’ll probably die younger than I was supposed to.” LOL. Great interview, Tom!