By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

Born Gold, formerly known as Gobble Gobble, is the solo electro pop project of Canadian artist Cecil Frena. After some mild success from his first release of singles, Bodysongs, his first official album, Little Sleepwalker, has an entirely new style.

Little Sleepwalker introduced me to an entirely different Born Gold. Sharply contrasting with Bodysongs, this album makes it seem like Born Gold decided to take a muscle relaxant and give his fake British accent a rest. In one word, relaxation: the exact vibe I’m getting from Little Sleepwalker, if I wasn’t drifting off to sleep myself.

Cecil Frena has calmed his music down significantly, to the point where his sound is almost unrecognizable. He seems to have backed away from pop and EDM like it gave him some sort of disease and Little Sleepwalker is the soundtrack to his bedrest. But Born Gold hasn’t become totally boring — rather, experimental.

There are some prevalent trip-hop and dubstep influences on the album, particularly on “Black Sonar” and “Dawn Tunnel,” but the album could be described easily as rather floaty and chill. There’s even a tad bit of house of on “1: Ferocious Body.”

On the tracks where there are few, if any, actual lyrics, Frena’s vocals were washed out by auto-tune and other various voice-changers, making his lyrics damn near indecipherable. He could have been babbling into the microphone on every track for all I know. Last time I checked, I asked for a Born Gold album, not some intergalactic gibberish thrown over a sleep-inducing set of instrumentals.

I’m really unsure where Frena plans to take Born Gold, but from what it seems, in an entirely opposite direction from its roots. I couldn’t enjoy Little Sleepwalker as I could Bodysongs, and I truly expected much more excitement and fun from this formerly-EDM newcomer. I give Little Sleepwalker 2/5 stars. I wouldn’t be surprised if Born Gold changes his name to Died Bronze if he chooses to extend the lifespan of his new snooze-fest style.