By Lyndsey Jimenez
Head designer

Mika, Mika, Mika…what am I going to do with you? I’ll be honest, the album was promising. The opening songs were reminiscent of old Mika and adhered to his happy, 70s-inspired sound. But, then I heard it: the opening riff of Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain,” just sped up. And so we have the first rip-off by Mika on the new album.

Origin of Love, Mika’s third full-length studio album, released  Oct. 16, promises fans what they’ll be happy to hear. But once you get deeper into the album, you hear something you’ve heard before. No, no, not from Mika. But, instead, from other artists. We hear Adele, Cali, Wicked… and I hear myself asking, “Where the fuck is Mika?”

Aside from that, though, Origin of Love is still Mika. It has both happy pop songs that we know will make it to the radio and get stuck in your head like “Grace Kelly” and ballads infused with his signature dance-pop vibe. While it was frustrating to see Mika blatantly copy other artists, “Elle me dit” was definitely one of the better songs on the album and it’s English counterpart, “Emily,” wasn’t bad either. If it didn’t cop Cali’s title or beat, it easily would have been in the running for the best song. But we couldn’t be so lucky. Other songs to look for on the copy front? “Underwater” and what I hope is intentional, “Popular Song.”

Going on to Mika’s original songs, the album’s namesake has earned its importance. “Origin of Love” isn’t so fast that you’re too busy dancing to listen and not so slow that you’re falling asleep – it’s just right. You’ll also have fun with “Love You When I’m Drunk.” If the title isn’t enough to make you listen to it, then just be prepared for old Mika and a catchy dance tune that masks some seriously brutal honesty. If a song with fuzzier vibes is more your thing, “Step With Me” is just for you. The duet will keep a smile on your face with both its beat and its lyrics.

Even with its pitfalls, Mika’s junior album is a worthwhile listen and, though I’m not quite happy with the album, it did provide a few eargasms. I’m giving the album a 3.5/5.