By Svitlana Lymar

Check out our gallery from the show.

Being “casually late” to a show isn’t recommended, since you miss all the comedy band members test out on the audience. But this time someone must have forgotten to let the band in on that fact. When members of reggae Bealtes tribute band  Yellow Dubmarine greeted the audience with their presence twenty minutes after anticipated start time on Oct. 23, they were dressed in some spiffy clothing. The trombone player, Matt Hotez, was sporting a barrette with a button-down and slacks. Aaron Glaser on the bass donned an outfit straight out of the sixties — vest and all. It’s almost as if a less-hot reincarnation of the Beatles took the stage.

Things started off well, especially when a group of Syracuse residents decided to host their own rendition of Woodstock by bringing a comforter, which they referred to as a “tarp,” and laying it down on the sparkling clean Westcott Theatre dance floor. As the cover of “Come Together” played, Natalie, a Syracuse native, explained this has been a tradition at the past four Yellow Dubmarine concerts here.

Fans seemed in good spirits as they swayed to the mellow and chillaxing sound of the reggae Beatles tribute band. Not even half an hour into the show, hula-hoopers showed up adorned in stylish ponchos. As more people arrived, one could tell this was a concert with the most random collection of people in attendance. Folks in business suits, plaid-wearing hipsters, sorority chicks. The fact that there were no more than sixty people on an almost barren dance floor on a Tuesday night tells me that these fans are here for the music they care about.