By Joey Cosco

I really love covers. There’s just something about an artist singing another artist’s track that has a certain charm to it. I get especially excited when I love the song and both of the artists. Unfortunately, that recipe doesn’t always work.

Recently, British pop princess Ellie Goulding performed a cover of fun.’s “Some Nights” on BBC’s Radio 1. Goulding, known for her triple-platinum hit, “Lights,” did a strange thing with her cover. Instead of changing it to fit more with her style of music, she sort of created a new sound, unique from both fun.’s and her own.

Perhaps her cover fell flat because “Some Nights” is already such a great song with such little room for improvement. Perhaps, she didn’t sound perfect because she was performing live instead of in a recording studio. Or, perhaps, she was just a little out of her element, singing a style of song she just isn’t used to. Whatever the reason, it’s a sad one. I like Goulding, I like fun., and I love “Some Nights.” A cover combining these three things sounds great in theory.

But Goulding’s slightly airy vocals don’t match up against Nate Ruess’s beautiful belting. It also sounds like Goulding couldn’t hit all the high notes on her own, with her backup singers taking on some of those classic fun. high notes. The instrumentals in this cover version sound corny and totally lack the driving drum beat of the original that makes listeners smile. Even worse, those corny horns and strings in Goudling’s version somehow manage to push her out of the spotlight and drown out her pretty, yet boring vocals.

Bottom line: Ellie Goulding tried hard to mix it up, but her new creation just couldn’t live up to fun.’s carefully crafted masterpiece.

  • Kelsey Miller

    I totally agree. I heard about this cover and had such high hopes, only to just sit with my mouth agape and head tilted trying so hard to understand how it fell apart and desperately trying to latch on and like it.