By Victoria Kezra

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The Westcott Theater was crammed full of fans clad in black shirts and ripped jeans eager to see Circa Survive, O’Brother, Touché Amoré, and Balance and Composure on the Violent Waves tour Friday, Oct. 26.

The opening bands performed raucous rock in front of square lights that silhouetted performers throughout the night. Balance and Composure’s band members perfectly synchronized their head bangs to the crunchy guitars while the lead singer alternated between singing and harsher metal screams. Then, by the time the similar-sounding Touché Amoré took the stage, the crowd had smushed into a densely packed mob near the stage and crowd surfers started emerging above the mass. Though the music was loud and frantic, at one point the lead singer shyly waved to someone at the back of the crowd and after the song was over, he told the crowd how glad he was that everyone on the tour had become friends.

When it was time for the headliners to come on, the bright wall of lights behind the band lit up the dark theater so quickly it left people blinking and bleary-eyed. Circa Survive’s opening songs were equal parts thrashing and melodic — fast-paced post punk songs grounded in melody that kept them from devolving into chaos. Lead singer Anthony Green’s higher pitched, startlingly light voice made an interesting companion for the rough music. During the ballad-like “Frozen Creek,” Green reached out to the crowd surfers to help them down from the arms of others to the ground in front of the stage. During the height of the song Green reached out, grabbed an outstretched hand and softly sang the final lines, “I would love to take you there.”

“Me and that crowd surfer guy were having a moment there,” he said afterward, with a laugh. “It was romantic. Perfect.”

During “Get Out,” Green had a rather unusual request of the audience. “Grab your ankles, get down low!” he yelled. The crowd — maybe a bit reluctantly — agreed, and for a few seconds everyone in the house had an unobstructed view of the band. “When this [music] kicks back in, I want you to go flying!”

The guitars cut violently back in and on cue, the members of the audience all shot up at the same time.