By Tara Schoenborn

Even though he’s just 19, Cris Cab is the man to watch. This summer, Cab dropped his first EP, Foreword, and ever since, he has been kicking ass and taking names. His sound is a mix between hip-hop and reggae, and it gives off a summery, fun vibe with a little bit of soul on the side. Cab has been cranking out covers, such as Kanye West’s “All of the Lights,” and infuses them with his own reggae sound, making them a lot more laid-back. Cab’s videos are up to nearly eight million YouTube hits, which is pretty darn good considering he has yet to release his debut album. His unique sound has attracted a number of huge pop artists to his fan club. For example, Big Sean, Pharrell Williams, and Wyclef Jean all worked with Cab to produce his debut single “Good Girls (Don’t Grow on Trees).” Additionally, Cab performed at New York Fashion Week and Mad Decent’s Chicago Block Party.

Cab’s style is influenced by his Cuban background and his childhood in Miami and the Bahamas. He blends these Caribbean sounds with modern pop and rap music to make his own genre. His low, melodic, soft voice — similar to that of The Police’s Sting — is captivating and works perfectly with his sound.  He claims that he has only experienced this success because he practiced, practiced, practiced, and was not afraid to put himself out there. So, to all you aspiring musicians out there, practice, practice, practice and maybe your cover of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” will generate 100,000 hits and get you a record deal. Until then, look out for Cab’s new EP, Rise, which hits iTunes Oct. 9.