By Quinn Donnell

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Kendrick Lamar’s major-label debut studio album, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, doesn’t come out until Oct. 22, but the Compton-based rapper has released three of the album’s tracks a little early.

Lamar’s latest track, “Compton”, not only recognizes that it’s his, but also provides a fitting title for a Dr. Dre feature. Dre has had some experience making a track about life in Compton as a young 20-something-year-old.

While “Compton” opens in a royal fashion, with Lamar introducing himself as “King Kendrick” accompanied by a bass-heavy beat and a dyad of piano and strings, Lamar’s previous release, “The Art of Peer Pressure,” stayed at a more mellow level throughout its entire 3:59. Describing experiences with his peers, Lamar takes an almost spoken word approach to this beat machine-dominated track.

The first preview of Lamar’s upcoming album, however, came in late July with the release of “Swimming Pools (Drank)”, a song whose theme is presented in its title’s parentheticals. The topic of alcohol isn’t foreign to Lamar, and neither are the catchy hooks and quick cadence found on this particular track.

Based on these returning elements, it’s safe to assume good kid, m.A.A.d. city will draw a number of similarities from Lamar’s past work and take him to the next level, a level whose reach will extend way out of Compton.

  • Dee Lockett

    Can we please take a moment to recognize that Kendrick Lamar was voted Lyricist of the Year at the BET Hip-Hop Awards tonight! He beat Nas and Jay-Z. Like, enough said. Can’t wait for his debut album.