By Tara Schoenborn

British artist Rita Ora is infamous for taking well-known hip-hop tracks and turning them into songs that fit her style. For example, her song “How We Do (Party)” samples Notorious B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit,” but she makes it completely her own. Instead of the hardcore rap and very synthesized sound of Notorious B.I.G., Ora actually puts some soul into the record and makes the atmosphere feel like a complete party. It is nearly impossible to not want to stand up and dance around screaming with her when she belts, “that’s just how we do.”

The way Ora performs on stage and the way that she carries herself is very similar to Gwen Stefani: sassy, confident, and just a tad risqué. However, unlike Stefani, Ora has a deeper and more powerful voice, and with it a lot more potential. It can do so much more than just crank out summer pop anthems and has this uncontainable soul that would be just as awesome in a coffeehouse setting.

However, Ora is not a coffeehouse kind of girl. She wants to be up on stage, having a great time singing pop music, which is evident from the artists that she collaborates with, such as and J. Cole. It’s clear she wants to be the star of the American pop industry and with her bubbly, fun personality there is no doubt that she will soon be all over the charts next year. With three No. 1 hits on the UK Singles Chart in 2012, Ora is out to conquer the U.S. next and with her ability to make every song completely her own, there is no way anyone is going to stop her. Rita Ora knows how to do.

Her debut album, Ora, was released Aug. 27 in the UK via Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation, and shot straight to No. 1. It is available in stores and online in the U.S. now.

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