By Cori Rosen

Has producer/songwriter Dr. Luke (“I Kissed a Girl,” “Tik Tok”) discovered the next Ke$ha? 15-year-old rising star Becky Gomez whose fans know her as “Becky G” has all the rap skills of Ke$ha, without the trash and sleaze.

On Oct.18, Becky G posted on her YouTube channel her remix of Ke$ha’s latest smash “Die Young.” Despite her young age, Becky G slays the song by surprising listeners with her own rap version of Ke$ha’s hit. Rather than duplicating Ke$ha’s talking-rap style, Becky G hardcore raps with a little too much swagger for a kid her age. Not only does she rock yellow hipster glasses in the video, but she also demonstrates how she writes her own music by twiddling with pens and typing lyrics throughout.

Becky G first graced YouTube with her presence when she uploaded an original remix of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Otis” back in 2011. She starts her cover of “Otis” saying “If everybody’s getting one shot, I ain’t missing.”

Fortunately for Becky G, Dr. Luke happened to stumble upon the video and is now giving her the “one shot” she desires. Impressed by her rapping ability, Dr. Luke signed the teen rapper to the label he founded, Sony Music Entertainment’s Kemosabe/RCA. Becky G is another example of YouTube fame leading to success in the music industry, something best exemplified by Justin Bieber.

Speaking of the Biebs, Becky G opened for the “Boyfriend” pop sensation on his Believe Tour. Bieber also gave Becky G a nice shout out on Oct. 22 by tweeting, “She is a fan of mine and I’m now a fan of hers. Bet she didn’t see this coming. Great remix @itsbeckygomez” Pretty nice for the Biebs to give Dr. Luke’s newest signee publicity by directing over 29 million of his followers to her YouTube video, right?

Since Becky G’s name is now associated with music moguls like Dr. Luke and Justin Bieber, it looks like the odds of making it in the music biz are in her favor.

  • Joey

    This is sickkkk. She has great great great flow. When she has better stuff to write about she could become a top notch lyricist/rapper.