By Megan Callahan

With their latest release, Matt & Kim once again take the good, the bad, and the ugly, and turn them into confections of jubilant creativity. Lightning, their fourth release, screams with adolescent hand-claps and irrational drum beats that make even the most saintly individuals want to take their tops off and fist-pump like they’re from the Jersey Shore.

Simply put, Lightning is an amped-up version of their previous albums. They’ve matured, but are still strenuously committed to immaturity. The collections of songs have affection towards their adolescence, and with the help of a little Skrillex flavored topping, Matt & Kim whip up a delectable cluster of punked-up, synthed-over tracks. I mean, who can honestly make something as forceful as, “You think I’m some little phony/Thing is you don’t fucking know me!” sound so coy and happy?

“Now” brings the drops and electro pops, while “Let’s Go” is heavy on the chanting and simple “oohs.” From high school relationships to rejoicing self parodies, like in “Much Too Late,” Matt & Kim’s usual butterscotch sound is given an edgy twist, a perfect balance of salty and sweet, confetti, and angst.

Lightning is a tad darker than Grand or Sidewalks, but with age also comes a loss of ignorance. They have come to know what their demographic likes, but have chosen to give them their sugary medicine with a biting undertone.

Their lyrical inspirations have matured, but with a candy coating. It’s quirky, honest, and it allows anyone to feel goofy. When it comes down to it, Lightning is everything horrible you always wanted to scream, but with sugar, spice, and everything nice sprinkled on top.