By Shannon Collins

For those who aren’t aware, ABC has a new drama called “Nashville,” and it’s all about country music. It focuses on a country legend (Connie Britton) whose fame is dwindling and the bright, young artist (Hayden Panettiere) set to replace her. Sound like a TV version of Country Strong?

Though the show itself is a somewhat-tired storyline of the lifecycle of musicians, it offers a platform for country music. Like Glee, country artists now have the opportunity to showcase their songwriting and talent in primetime.

In the show’s pilot, there were 13 songs played throughout the hour. Some were written for the show and seemed to hold some of the clichés associated with country, while others were truly reminiscent of the early, bluesy days of country. The best song, without a doubt, in the episode is “If I Didn’t Know Better.” This is no surprise because it comes from the musical talent that is John Paul White and Arum Rae a.k.a. The Civil Wars.

Other songs featured include “Small Town USA” by Justin Moore and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” by Eli Young Band. There are sure to be several more artists playing throughout the season, and that’s a really exciting idea for country artists. With the draw of Hayden Panettiere, this show could bring in audiences who aren’t country music fans and possibly convert them into cowboy hat-wearing, two-stepping, country stereotype-reinforcing listeners. Songs have already been released on iTunes and one of them is in the Top 25 Singles.

Be sure to tune in on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.