By Tiffany Lewars

When the name Solange is brought up, many, if not all, think of her as the younger, less-famous sister of R&B/pop diva Beyoncé.  Solange, also endearingly called Solo, has tried for years to make a name for herself outside of the haunting shadow of her uber-famous older sister. And in an amazingly artistic and colorful way, I think she’s finally done it.

After a previously lackluster music career (see Solo Star and Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams), Solange took a four-year vacation from recording and devoted her time to “doing her” and raising her son. The current face of Madewell, Solo reintroduced herself to the world as an arguably flawless model and an incredibly stylish fashion icon. Now, Solange has reemerged in the music scene with a stunning music video for her latest single off her upcoming third studio release, “Losing You”.

The scenic video, shot in Cape Town, South Africa, was directed by Melina Matsoukas and captures the effortlessly brilliant and eclectic style of Solange. Donned in tailored menswear, sexy-yet-tasteful knickers, and bold geometric patterns, Solo definitely did not hold back when serving up fashion for this video. Streams of dapper men in plaid, pinstripe, and colorful suits painted scenes of the video with added fashion flair. The upbeat track allows for some vibrant moves by Solange, giving viewers a peak into her quirky and carefree persona. The video’s only directions seem to have been, “be cool, outrageous, and fly.”  Solange takes hold of the track’s rhythm, from the orchestrated claps to the Congo-like drums strung throughout the song’s melody.

The song’s message of Solo potentially losing her man does not damper the mood of this video at all. Shit, a casket being thrown in the mix couldn’t have overshadowed Solo and her fashion-forward cast-mates.  Her jovial spirit resonates through the screen and seems to have infected those on set with her, creating scenes of tight-knit benevolence that we all experience with our greatest friends. The video encompasses true fashion, great fun, and good vibes.

I think it’s safe to say that Solo has not only gotten out of her sister’s haunting shadow, but she’s managed to create a light only she can shine in.

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  • Dee Lockett

    This video and song are FIRE! I really hope this is her breakthrough single.