By Cori Rosen

The boy band craze is not fading out anytime soon. The five lady-swooning members of One Direction β€” Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson β€” have once again emphasized the resurgence of the boy band trend.

On Oct. 1, One Direction dropped its new single “Live While We’re Young,” which made remarkable chart history in the U.S. On Billboard’s Hot 100 song list, the hit single debuted as No. 3. This success gives One Direction the fastest selling song in history by a UK artist, according to the BBC. In its first week of sales, “Live While We’re Young” sold 341,000 digital copies. Furthermore, the music video for “Live While We’re Young” has exceeded 52 million views. And the Beatles were the ones credited with starting a “revolution.”

One Direction’s new single is nothing far removed from the songs on their fdebut album Up All Night. “Live While We’re Young” emphasizes all the facets of youth, including sneaking out, throwing parties, and going crazy “till we see the sun.” The band even gets a little edgy (keep in mind, edgy for One Direction is not much considering their target fan base consists primarily of young girls), when the boys sing, “Tonight let’s get some/And live while we’re young.”

So what is it about boy bands that drive fans crazy? Maybe it’s because there are five times more eye candy to indulge in gazing at.

But the success of male groups is not limited to just Simon Cowell creation One Direction. Just look at the newfound success of the slightly older boy band The Wanted, whose single “Glad You Came” sold over three million copies in 2012. It doesn’t look like boy band mania is dwindling down in the near future.