By Billy Eisenberg

Kid Ink headlined the year’s first University Union Bandersnatch in a sold out show Monday night in the Schine Underground. Coming off the release of his debut album, Up & Away, in June, there’s been a lot of curiosity about the type of performer Kid Ink is. “Right now, I’m just making good music,” he said. Despite the chill vibe of his music, he put on a very high-energy show featuring some crazy moments.

The opening act, Skizzy Mars, started 10 minutes late and before he made his entrance, the DJ dropped SBTRKT’s “Wildfire” to get the blood pumping in the crowd. Skizzy, while rocking a “We Made It” T-shirt and Crooks & Castles hat, gave the crowd some of his more Kid Cudi-reminiscent tunes, such as “Torches,” “Colours,” “Sirens,” and “Douchebag.” He also previewed some new tracks, but it was surprising that some of his more popular songs were left out. His set started slow, but really picked up as time went on.

Kid Ink rocked jewelry, sagging pants, a Starter hat, and his infamous tattoos, including a very interesting Hebrew quote that translates to “For our father Jesus, we pray.” Throughout his set had a fog even some deep cuts from his older mixtapes. The songs that got the crowd going the most were “Hell & Back” and “I Just Want It All.” “I thought it was dope. I can tell there were those diehard fans out there that new every lyric,” Kid Ink said of the crowd.

Kid Ink comes in a crucial time for hip-hop as old school hip-hop makes a comeback, because that is the genre to which he believes he belongs. “I think I’m sort of the hipster type, while also appealing to the cool kids. I’m always trying to be different which I guess makes me the hipster type,” Kid Ink said. And different he was, throwing his shirt and hat into the crowd and involving fans throughout his set, something you don’t see enough of. Someone in the crowd even shouted, “You smoke too much weed!” and Kid Ink responded, “A little bit.”

If he keeps up these strong live performances, his fan base will continue to grow.