By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

If Cults and Best Coast had a lo-fi pop lovechild, it would be Seapony. This indie pop trio’s sound is as soft and sweet as their name. Every song is reminiscent of cool summer nights on the beach with hoodies and bonfires.

Thanks to Hardly Art Records, the trio debuted with the album Go With Me back in 2011 with its lead single “Dreaming” in heavy rotation. They achieved hipster-scene success and went forth on tour and hastened work on their latest album, or should I say gem, Falling.

Here are my top three reasons why Seapony is one of the raddest indie pop bands out there:

1) They make you feel good inside, like you swallowed the world’s fluffiest cotton candy.
2) They make great study and easy listening tunes.
3) If you aren’t listening to beachwave, here’s your best start.

Still not convinced? Listen above to Falling’s lead single, “What You Wanted.”