By Megan Callahan

The Soul Risin’ CD release party at the Westcott Theater on Saturday,  Oct. 20, was filled to the brim with righteous, meaningful music.

The first set, Boots N’ Shorts, was a string-picking good time with just the right amount of earthy folk. Then, Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution began the next set, and their long name fits the band’s size — there are 10 members. The entire band brought some serious character to the Westcott. From trombones to cowbells, Brother Jocephus and the Love Revival Revolution had it all. They belted, whooped, and hollered, even dancing with the crowd.

Soul Risin’s frontman, Bryan Weinsztok, chatted with 20 Watts before the set.

20 Watts: Why did you choose The Westcott for your album release party?

Weinsztok: We chose The Westcott for the release party because it’s the biggest venue around and for this kind of premiere; it’s the perfect place.

20W: You mentioned earlier this album is really special to you — details?

BW: A year ago my father passed away from cancer, and we made this album in his remembrance. The profits from this tour, merchandise, and all donations we can get are all going to a family who is suffering from the financial — as well as emotional — hardships of cancer.

20W: Why such a personal campaign?

BW: We didn’t want to donate to a large non-profit, we know these people and we want to be directly involved. The family we are helping has six people living under one roof, living off one salary. It’s tough. We eventually want to expand the project and start a non-profit where we pick a few families a year and donate our revenue to them. We just want to help.

Soul Risin’ took the stage around ten, and the rest of the night was history. The easygoing jam band, with the sole purpose of helping others, carried the crowd away into a night full of dancing, boozing, and grooving. The majority of the crowd was middle-aged, and all extremely happy to be enjoying the laid back night. It was casual, intriguing, and all went to a good cause.