By Megan Paolone

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of New York City, New Jersey, and much of the rest of the East Coast, Brooklyn indie rock outfit The Antlers released a music video for the lead single “Drift Drive,” off their summer EP, Undersea. They posted a note on their Facebook page about the video’s weirdly coincidental release date:

“Considering all that’s just happened in NYC, today is a strange day to debut our new video, but it feels oddly appropriate too. James Case-Leal created this beautiful piece to accompany ‘Drift Dive.’ We hope it provides you with some comfort in the face of all this devastation. We love you, New York.”

The Antlers is known for its minimalist approach to music, a style that translates exceptionally well in the form of a video full of simplistically beautiful imagery. Created by contemporary New York artist James Case-Leal, the video is so characteristic of the indie rock trio. It’s a literal take on lyrical content of the EP, a first-person descent under the sea. “Diving in late at night, we come together,” sings frontman Peter Silberman. “Dissolving into a million pieces in a billion places.”

The video for “Drift Dive” looks exactly the way you’d expect an Antlers song to look like. The steel blue waves roll slowly, a school of fish eventually coming through. Eventually, the sunlight disappears and we’re left with something that looks like a sunburst (reminiscent of 2011’s Burst Apart) that ultimately fades to black.

It’s quiet, but powerful, and strangely comforting in the aftermath of such a devastating storm.