By Ashley Aron

There are a lot of ways you can support your favorite band: repping their merch, going to their shows, actually buying
their music, and so on. However, one of the best ways to spread the word about a band you really love is to join their

Street team

Even Alt Press magazine has a street team with chapters all across the country.

street team. Street teams are essentially a group of fans that helps promote the music and tour dates for their beloved indie solo artist or pop-rock trio. Here are some tips to guide you through being a street team member.

  • OK, so…how do I join? Check the band’s website and see if they have a street team coordinator or a mailing list, and sign up. If you can’t find anything, see if you can contact a current street team member and ask how you can get in on the action.
  • What do I actually do as a street-teamer? Your main job is promotion, but how you promote the band can differ from team to team. For example, as a member of Equal Vision Records’ street team, they let you know via a monthly newsletter what tours are coming up from their artist roster. If you sign up to promote a tour date in your area, you receive a pack of posters in the mail and put them up in prominent areas. After sending in photos of where you put up your promo material, our reward is to get guest listed for the tour date we promoted! You can do things like hand out flyers/other swag, place handbills in public areas, have a listening party for a new album, or promote online via facebook, tumblr, or twitter.
  • Does this mean I get to meet the band?! Well, not necessarily. It’s possible your team can include meet & greets as an incentive but don’t join a team for the sole person of meeting the band. I promise you, the promotion and other projects you do mean the WORLD to them; it shows you’re a seriously dedicated fan and they appreciate it more than you know.
  • OH MY GOD THE BAND STOPPED BY OUR MERCH TABLE OH SWEET JESUS CAN I GET AN AUTOGRAPH CAN WE GO ON THEIR BUS OMGOMGOMG PLEASE?!?!? First off, chill out, dude. There’s nothing wrong with going up to the band and politely asking for a picture, telling them you loved their new album…the usual. But remember, you’re a member of the street team, a group of dedicated but professional fans who have a job to do. Like I said, they appreciate your hard work, so no need to flail.
  • Remember that your street team leader/coordinator is not your all-access pass to the band. They’re there to help you so PLEASE: ask questions if you have them. I promise, they’d much prefer you to ask a bazillion questions and do everything correctly instead of half-assing a project because you weren’t clear on the directions. However, don’t pester them with questions about Johnny Frontman’s girlfriend situation or Danny Bassist’s favorite color. They have a job, as do you, so don’t be a nuisance – be helpful.

Being on a street team is a great way to support bands and is a perfect entry-level position in the music industry in general. Also, street teams aren’t limited to just bands – check in with your favorite venue to see if they have any sort of street team position available, it’s another good way to get involved with your local scene. Always remember that you’re there to promote your respective artists in a way they’d want to be represented, and to HAVE FUN while doing so!