By Tiffany Lewars

In light of the presidential election, a slew of celebrities who have supported President Obama throughout his political journey have took to a number of platforms to express their pride in his reelection.

One celebrity who couldn’t hold back his elation for the president is rapper Young Jeezy. The Atlanta rapper hit the studio in an effort to pay homage to the president with his latest track “We Done It Again.” The Bad Boy Records artist is no stranger to slinging hard social and political lyrics over a tight beat, as he previously recorded “My President is Black,” which was featured on his album, The Recession, in honor of the president’s first victory. His new three-minute track brings up contemporary issues such as the Trayvon Martin shooting, Hurricane Katrina, and the nation’s economy.

His hood demeanor may spur stereotyped judgment by people unfamiliar with his work, but Jeezy has often had a hand in raising political awareness for minorities and underprivileged people. The track is dedicated to “every ghetto in the world,” and he insinuates that President Obama could be the country’s savior. The track’s grimy beat sets the tone for the theme of the song with a sample in the background resembling a person crying out in the distance.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more songs dedicated to President Obama from fellow celebrities; until then, check out the Snowman’s track.