By Ian Macks

On a chilly Sunday evening, a partisan crowd descended on the Westcott Theater for Mim0sa’s “Future Trill” Tour. The tour was in support of his forthcoming album by the same name that will be released this month. It’s a departure from minimalist techno to trap beats with bombastic baselines. If there was a show that was the pure definition of WTF, this would be it.

After local frat boy DJ Synchronice and Italian Armani model Nicola Bernardini opened the show with two run-of-the-mill house sets, something happened out of nowhere. First, let’s back up — behind the makeshift table the opening DJs were using, there was a drum set, synthesizer, and guitar amps ominously lurking in the background. But they were there for a reason that became obvious as the third act of the night, JMSN, entered the stage. Following the weirdest intro of all time (a girl whispering sexily into a microphone), lead singer Christian Berishaj burst into a Justin Timberlake-like croon, with Timbaland-esque drum beats pulsating behind him. The crowd immediately went from raving to sitting down on the floor, perplexed, while the band churned out songs that were an odd mixture between The Weeknd and the aforementioned Timberlake. Berishaj did not take too kindly to the unreceptive crowd, especially after they cheered once he said they were playing their last song. After finishing, Berishaj slammed his guitar down and stormed off the stage, with the drummer looking perplexed as hell. Part of the blame has to go on Mimosa for picking them as his tour opener;I doubt this is the first time they’ve gotten a reaction like that. It’s quite the shame, because likes of Frank Ocean and Miguel, Berishaj can be just seductive, but it’s too bad this was the completely wrong setting for his style.

Mimosa had a lot of making up to do, and he looked like he meant business as he strolled on stage looking like the epitome of swag. Adidas track jacket, snapback, and a bottle of champagne and patron — the Oakland native looked like a cocky 16-year-old who shopped at Champs Sports. The jacket would soon come off, though, as he dropped his latest single “SWRV” which came pretty close to making the crowd break their necks. This was only the beginning off the trapfest, as he kept dropping everything from bangers from the likes of TNGHT and Baauer to rap favorites like Tyga coupled with wobbly basslines.

Mimosa’s stage presence was absurd, to say the least, showering the crowd with champagne and spitting out patron. He’s a cocky dude, and that’s a huge turn-off. Sure, the set was popping, but I had heard more than half the song he had played from the likes of the previously mentioned TNGHT and Baauer, as well as from various blogs I follow online. He’s not doing anything revolutionary. If anything he’s another trap DJ in a genre that is becoming oversaturated by the week, these days. Will the genre suffer the same fate as Dubstep and Moombahton, becoming overplayed to the point of annoying anger, or will it stick around for longer than four months? The answer remains to be seen, but Mimosa has switched his style completely and sold his soul to the trap game. This is a “do or die” move for him, and he’s giving it his all.

And so far, he’s doing it…and doing it well.