By Megan Callahan

Nate Stein, otherwise known as N8 ST9, a Syracuse EDM artist, recently released a new song “Keep on Rollin‘.” This single, which debuted not too long after “Shooting Star,” displays Stein’s transformation from a frat-influenced college student to an enlightened producer whose goal is to inspire his listeners to create the life they wish for.

“Keep on Rollin,” an ambient electronic piece, was inspired by Stein’s aspirations to create music that is uplifting and honest. The pumping synths combined with the inspirational lyrics “aim to connect listeners with their own inner serenity and happiness.”

Stein’s recent move from Syracuse to Santa Cruz has brought with it not only sunshine but also an opportunity for introspection and growth.  Released under the name N8 ST9, “Keep on Rollin,” is a peek into what we will soon be seeing from this innovative EDM artist. As he puts it: “I make music because it can create these experiences for people of broadening their perspective, while also giving them an opportunity to have lots of fun-dancing, enjoying life, etc.”

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