By Joey Cosco

Skrillex released a short, web-based video game Nov. 29.

From electronic music to electronic games, Skrillex manages to push the envelope yet again. The Grammy-winning electronic artist teamed up with game creator Jason Oda to release a retro-style video game promoting his new song, “Summit.” Skrillex Quest is a free browser-based game that obviously borrows heavily from old-school roleplaying games, like The Legend of Zelda. Not surprisingly, the man who built his career off careful and clever samples has figured out how to essentially sample a video game in a unique and fun way.

The game is simple and only uses the arrow keys and the space bar for controls. It’s also very easy, as the point of the project was obviously not to challenge gamers, but to show off Skrillex and Oda’s creativity. Even the plot is quirky and creative — the game takes place inside an old video game that was corrupted by dust and needs saving.

Though some of Skrillex’s fan base might be a little too young to remember blowing the dust out of Nintendo games, there’s plenty more to the package than just gaming. The soundtrack of Skrillex Quest is of course all Skrillex, with loops of “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites;” “The Devil’s Den,” featuring Wolfgang Gartner; and “Summit,” featuring Skrillex’s girlfriend Ellie Goulding. It’s easy to say Skrillex sounds hella better than normal video game background music, but the best part is the way the sounds are incorporated into the experience. The music changes with the scene, which happens quickly in this fast paced, 15-minute-long game. Oda found a way to use visuals and sound effects to make the experience feel like you’re playing a music video.

There’s humor too, and diehard Skrillex fans will enjoy playing this game over and over to nab all of Skrillex’s signature collectibles. From his snakebite piercings to his trademark glasses, many references to the artist’s appearance and work appear in the game, all leading up to an appearance by the man himself.


  • Ben

    game-wise it gets kinda boring after a few minutes, but the music’s fun and the art design’s great. you can tell he’s a gamer

  • N. D. Gamer

    “It’s easy to say Skrillex sounds hella better than normal video game background music…”

    Shut your blasphemous mouth.