By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

Avant-garde pop singer Björk appears to have started a new trend with releasing albums in the form of downloadable apps; and more artists, popular and lesser known, are following suit. The British indie pop band The xx are officially the second musical act to hop on the app bandwagon with their sophomore album, Coexist.

The app is available free on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market and it works much like a mini extension of the album. It provides visualizers for each track, lyrics, music videos, and links to other places on the web that you can find out more about The xx. The app also boasts a totally interactive experience with the album artwork, which I find a little odd since the cover is just a giant X. But hey, I can’t knock The xx’s creative talents.

These album apps seem to be a new way for artists to really connect with their fans and for their fans to feel fully immersed in the music. So are album apps the wave of the future, or will they simply become a waste of space on our smartphones? Just wake me up when Apple comes up with a way to beam albums into our brains.