By Ashley Aron

All-access Pass

Seems legit, right?

Last week, I discussed the rules of the guest list. If you managed to snag a guest list spot via a friend on tour, that’s awesome! Now, let’s say your friend is really in the higher-ups and invites you to hang out after the show on the band’s tour bus. The bus is the home, office, and party area for the band and crew while on tour, and it comes with its own rules of etiquette as well:

·      Don’t nag your friend who’s at the show to let you on the bus. The bus is a PRIVATE place, and a small one at that. Respect the band members’ and crew’s personal time — where there’s one fan who wants to get on the bus, there’s a million more and they don’t want to deal with people texting them “Soooo wanna let me on the bus? :D” every five minutes.

·      Having a “mutual friend” with the band doesn’t guarantee you access to the bus. Coming to the door and saying, “Hey, my friend Kristin is friends with Larry Bus Driver, she said to just knock…?” is not going to get you anywhere. More than likely, the crew will have a meeting to figure out who “Kristin” is — 90 percent of the time “Kristin” doesn’t even exist.

·      Being on the bus once does NOT equal an all-access pass to get back on whenever you’d like. If your friend is not escorting you, be sure to ask before you enter. There may be an interview, money-count, or band meeting going on, so act like a good neighbor and knock first.

·      This is not a photo op. I know you’re freaking out because you’re kicking back and having a drink with Billy Frontman on his bus, and as long as you’re containing yourself, it’s fine. However, resist the urge to Instagram every moment! There’s a big difference between fun party pics and iPhone photos you sneak from the corner of the room. Acting like a creepy stalker will just make everyone uncomfortable.

·      Same food rules apply as in your dorm/house. Remember that time someone ate your leftover Chipotle because it wasn’t labeled and how bummed you felt? Imagine that same scenario but instead of going back to Chipotle for a new burrito, you have to wait another four hours for the next rest stop until you eat again. If it isn’t offered, don’t take it. Band budgets are limited as it is; don’t make them spend any more on food than they have to.

·      Now is not the time to bring an additional buddy on the bus. If you ask your friend who got you on the bus, “Hey, is it cool if I bring my friend to come hang out with us?” that implies ONE friend, not five random people you met while waiting in line for the show that you invited along.