By Jessica Bailey

Since you’ve all been so nice this year, we’ll leave you these eight recent Christmas gems that are sure to spike your eggnog up a little.

It’s that time of year again, when every department store and radio station in America is writing out royalty checks to the tune of Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé. We know you seasoned listeners are sick of the same old holiday jams, so we’ve compiled a list a few of our favorite tracks and clichéd phrases for you to enjoy as you snuggle up in your Snuggies, one-up your siblings, and help warm your spirits when your parents finally run out of spirits, so you have to deal with them sober.

Destiny’s Child  “Carol of the Bells a.k.a Opera of the Bells”

Way back in 2001, before Beyoncé became the unofficial Queen of the World, the trio recorded their 8 Days of Christmas album, which seems almost obligatory for an R&B chorus group. Unto us a Destiny’s Child track is born, blessing the world with this hauntingly beautiful vocal harmony.

Ginuwine – “Mistletoe”

The ’90s R&B singer best known for wanting to get in your jeans and ride that pony recorded A Ginuwine Christmas last year, featuring this sexy opening track that’s made for heating things up by the fire.

Kanye West ft. Teyana Taylor & Prynce Cy Hi – “Christmas in Harlem”

Say what you will about the artist and his oversized ego, but this original Christmas track is so good that it’ll have you begging Santa and his elves to produce A Kanye Christmas, if only to see a photo spread of the rapper wrapped up in Christmas sweaters mugging for the camera with a mug of hot cocoa.

Justin Bieber ft. Boyz II Men – “Fa La La”

Last year Justin Bieber made his fans (and record company’s) Christmas wishes come true with Under the Mistletoe, featuring this innocent collaboration with veteran soul singers Boys II Men.

Chris Brown – “This Christmas”

Chris Brown, despite having landed firmly on Santa’s naughty list in years hence, melted our icy hearts in 2007 with a cover of this Christmas classic for a movie of the same name.

Lady Gaga ft. Space Cowboy – “Christmas Tree”

Lady Gaga promised her fans a holiday treat in 2009 and delivered this strange single with Space Cowboy to spread the good news of her delicious Christmas tree.

Sufjan Stevens – “Holly Jolly Christmas”

Sufjan Stevens gave us the gift of his beautiful music again this year with yet another Christmas album. Silver and Gold is a five-disc journey across all the traditional carols and his own existential takes on life, death, God, and the universe. Just in case 2006’s Songs for Christmas wasn’t epic enough.

She & Him – “Silver Bells”

The doe-eyed Zooey Deschanel’s peppermint sweet melodies and cookie-cutter charm will warm your Grinchley heart this Christmas on A Very She & Him Christmas, also known as the album most likely to be ringing through your local Starbucks.