By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

Rihanna and Chris Brown’s seemingly taboo relationship is much like their recent collab, ‘Nobody’s Business.’

I know this is my second Rihanna-related post in a row, but someone has to say it: LEAVE RIHANNA AND CHRIS ALONE. Rihanna hasn’t caught any slack for collaborating again with ex-boyfriend and past abuser Chris Brown on the hot track “Nobody’s Business” on her latest album, Unapologetic. The track, sampling Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” has a late-80s house feel to it. Whether the song was actually inspired by Rihanna and Chris is unknown. But to add fuel to the fire, Rihanna recently tweeted an Instagram photo of her getting rather cuddly with her former pop/R&B star boyfriend. Fans reacted positively and negatively to the unofficial couple’s reuniting.

As a fan of both artists, I’ve chosen to sit on the fence on the issue. I don’t commend nor disapprove of their relationship. I see them simply as two human beings in the pursuit of happiness. If they find their happiness in each other, let them be. Don’t judge. If the two can put out a banging record like this one, why should anyone care so much what else they do together? Whatever happens within their reconciliation is exactly how the lyrics put it, “Ain’t nobody’s business, but mine, and my baby.”

  • Say what you will about these two, they make some sweet, sweet musical love together. That Michael Jackson sample? Genius.