By Tara Schoenborn

Indie rock solo act The Glass Child’s most recent single portends good things to come in the debut album dropping February 2013.

Charlotte Eriksson, an indie artist also known as the Glass Child, is ready to take the world by storm with the release of her first full-length album I’d Like to Remain a Mystery in February 2013. Early in November, Eriksson released the album’s first single, “Letdown,” to give her fans a sneak peak at what to expect on the new album. The single perfectly represents Eriksson in one song.

It showcases her powerful voice that is full of soul, similar to those of Christina Perri and Paramore’s Hayley Williams. While she has unbelievable raw talent that could conquer almost any genre, she has chosen to stick with a kick-ass acoustic rock sound that’s at times comparable to Avril Lavigne. Even when she does cross genres, her main desire seems to be designing the music around her lyrics. For example, “Insanity” has a hypnotic harp that strays from some of Eriksson’s other work like “Letdown.” Listening to the lyrics of “Insanity,” however, exposes how the harp really enhances its somewhat creepy vibe: “There was a night of pouring rain. I lost it all, I went insane. I felt the blood freeze in my veins.”

It’s lyrics like these that make Eriksson who she is. When she tried to break into the industry, producers told her she had the voice, but she had to lose weight and sing mainstream songs if she “really wanted to make it”. In a streak of rebellion, Eriksson decided to move from her home in Sweden, and go to London to try to reach stardom on her own. Hence, most of the lyrics of her songs are about being a victim or about being angry.

While in many ways that is a strength, it sometimes becomes too much, taking over the album. While her lyrical self-expression definitely highlights her vocals and inspires soul in her performances, sometimes Eriksson’s lyrics get a little disturbing and she gets a little too wrapped up in the image of the victim. As time goes on, however, she will figure out if this is the image she really wants, or if there are other ways she’d rather represent herself.