By Taylyn Washington-Harmon

The Killers star in an animated follow-up to the classic 2005 video for “Mr. Brightside.”

We all remember the catchy indie-pop-rock stream of consciousness that was “Mr. Brightside,” the tale of a young man’s unrequited love for a girl who simply found someone else. “Miss Atomic Bomb,” the new wave single from The Killers’ latest release, Battle Born, serves as a prequel and sequel to the events of “Mr. Brightside,” featuring the original “Mr. Brightside” characters and shedding some light on their backgrounds and futures. From humble beginnings to a bittersweet ending, “Miss Atomic Bomb” ties up loose ends after eight years.

The Killers were spot-on with “Miss Atomic Bomb,” creating a mystical fantasy alternate Nevada that only animation could do justice. For only a five-minute video, the storyline was well-set and I felt a sense of completion even though I never expected the single to be a sequel. It all makes sense now. Well played, Brandon Flowers. Well played.