By Tara Schoenborn

Walk the Moon will bring their catchy brand of pop to SU on Dec. 5.

Looking for a new band obsession? Your chance arrives Dec. 5 in the Schine Underground as Walk the Moon takes the stage for University Union’s last Bandersnatch Concert Series of the semester. Previous acts in the series include Kid Ink. Why check them out? This indie band rocked the music industry in 2012 with several hits from their Anna Sun EP, putting them on VH1’s “Artists on the Rise” list.

With a similar sound to Young the Giant and Grouplove, the band made every track on the EP upbeat, simple, and giddy, giving off a contagious electric vibe. “Tightrope” opens with an awesome guitar riff and steady bass beat, which later progresses into some rapid drums. The high, electronica guitar sound and the soft, optimistic vocals give off a post-punk vibe that just makes you want to relax and have a good time.

Anna Sun” is a little bit slower than “Tightrope,” but just as cheerful. It has an addictive keytar hook that keeps the band’s happy, have-a-good-time vibe. The U2 funk guitar and overwhelming falsetto give them a big sound even when they aren’t trying to be loud. But though the instrumental and vocal talent is obvious, the actual lyrics are sometimes wishy-washy: “We got no money, but we got heart. We are going to rattle this ghost town.” They can be little cliché and they sometimes lack power, but they relate perfectly to the band’s younger audience.

In light of the music industry’s shift to electronica and funk music, the band’s high-energy blend of indie pop and dance rock will surely push them up on the charts. Not only do they have a cool sound, some sick musical talent, and catchy tunes, Walk the Moon concerts have a unique trademark: painting fans’ faces. Want to check them out? Get your tickets and walk on over to the Schine Underground on Wed. and get #turnedup with this energetic indie band on the final days of its tour.

And in case you miss them in Syracuse, you can also catch the band perform nearby at the Water Street Music Hall in Rochester on Jan. 23.