By Tom Charles
Features editor

Swedish house duo CAZZETTE hits SU tonight, and it’s looking to make just as big a splash on the web as its members embrace streaming music. We’re pretty sure we can hear Metallica’s angry howls from our dorm room windows.

The two DJs who make up Swedish electro house duo CAZZETTE are truly products of their time. For a group that’s built its brand around the epitome of ’90s nostalgia, it could never exist without contemporary means of communication, and it has an impressively forward-thinking mentality on online music sharing despite concerns from many industry insiders. They’re unsigned; their debut album, Eject, has been released in three installments, the third of which comes out this Tuesday, Jan. 22; and they’re the first artists to ever release an album exclusively on Spotify.

To Sebastian Furrer, 19, and Alexander Björklund, 23, online streaming is the future of music, and the sooner the world (and the industry) gets behind it, the sooner we can optimize its potential. “Music streaming is basically the best thing to happen to music,” says Björklund in an exclusive interview with 20 Watts, “So I just wanted to be a part of that. We’re really proud and happy to be able to collaborate with Spotify.”

The math adds up, they explain: The cost of a Spotify Premium account, replete with a virtually limitless music library, is hardly that much more today than that of a Backstreet Boys album back in the day (damn, these guys just love the ‘90s). “I don’t understand why… anyone would resist that,” continues Björklund. “We just want people to get with that movement. It’s the future.”

But for kids so obsessed with the future, they’re all about the here and now. They’re tastemakers, constantly redefining the cutting edge. The duo first met on Myspace, trading tracks and remixes back and forth until they decided it was time for a proper collaboration. While producing Eject, their only goal was to create something true to themselves and their time. “We didn’t just want to have dubstep and house music, but everything we liked,” says Furrer. “Maybe something electro, maybe one hip-hop song. That was the only thing that we thought about when we did it.”

That sort of good-intentioned approach paid off, earning them over seven million Spotify listens and an additional two million YouTube views in just two months on their club banger “Beam Me Up.” They’re on the verge of virality, and who better to appreciate the next big thing than college students? CAZZETTE is playing at SU’s own Goldstein Auditorium tonight, Jan. 18, for $40, and they couldn’t be more pumped. “You can tell when you play a college show that people are excited that something is happening,” says Furrer. “We’ve seen some parties before.”