By Tom Charles
Features editor
Syracuse’s Dairyland is hosting its first show in quite a while, hopefully providing a shot in the arm for the local punk scene.

The punk scene in Syracuse has seen better days. Sure, every punk scene always feels that way, but the statement – to myself and those I’ve talked to – seems more true now than at any point in the three years I’ve attended SU. So, the significance of the Dairyland’s return as a place for live music can’t be understated.
The house, located at 126 Harvard Place, will be hosting its first show in some time on Jan. 26, and current resident Joel Heath is excited to get the place back to, as he put it, “its tradition of devious shenanigans.” Prior to Heath, Sarah Aument lived in the house, frequently hosting shows and offering the space for band rehearsals for her own project, Half Sister, as well as local dance hip-hop act Mouth’s Cradle.
The show is actually the result of a guilty conscience: after cancelling on Philadelphia’s rock ‘n’ soul quartet Satellite Hearts a couple months back, Heath scheduled Saturday’s party as a way to make it up to the band. He’s also taking the opportunity to play one of his first sets under the moniker Ronette Polaski, which Heath describes as “a collection of post punk and art rock tunes I’ve written between the periods of my old band Gyaos breaking up and [some new] projects starting up.” Mirrah Stoller will also be playing a short solo ukulele set.
And, of course, BYOfuckingB.
  • Kat Smith

    Also Mudbutts played their first set at the end. Turn out was good.
    Awesome illustration!!